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Puqpress Gen 5 M2 - Automatic Tamper for Mythos One, 2 & R Grinders

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SKU:6198-Matte Black -58-58.3 mm

Color: Matte Black
Size: 58-58.3 mm

About the Product

Coffee Machine Depot USA: Authorized Distributor of Puqpress

As the authorized distributor of Puqpress, Coffee Machine Depot USA is proud to present the Puqpress M-line, a revolutionary addition to any café aiming to maximize counter space while ensuring the consistency of their brews. Designed to integrate perfectly under your grinder, the Puqpress M2 is compatible with the Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 and 2 grinders, embodying durability and high capacity suitable for cafes processing 60 or more pounds of coffee per week. Each purchase comes with a reassuring 2-year warranty/unlimited tamps.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Portafilter Compatibility: The M2 accommodates 58-58.4mm baskets, including VST, and is versatile enough to fit all types of portafilters from any brand, whether single or double spouts.
  • Tamper Diameter: A precise 58.4mm diameter (with a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm) ensures compatibility with basket sizes ranging from 58mm to 58.5mm.
  • Tamper Shape: Designed with a flat bottom for optimal tamping pressure distribution.
  • Adjustable Pressure: Users can adjust the tamping pressure between 22-66lb to suit the coffee type and personal preference.
  • Cycle Duration: A quick and efficient 1.3-second cycle ensures fast service.
  • Lower Clamp Height: Easily adjustable to fit different portafilters with a hex key, catering to a wide variety of machines.
  • Display: An LCD display facilitates effortless pressure adjustment and features a one-touch cleaning setting.
  • Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 24-month parts and 3-month labor warranty.
  • Power and Dimensions: Equipped with a 2.5-meter power cable and requiring only 60 watts, the M2's dimensions are 290 (D) x 240mm (W) x 270mm (H), and it has a net weight of 5kg.

Note to Buyer: The tamp head sizes for Puqpress are based on commercial application measurements and serve as a guideline. If you are considering this for domestic use, please measure your filter basket diameter accurately to ensure the best and most consistent tamp.

The Puqpress M-line is an essential addition for any café looking to improve their coffee consistency and save on counter space. Its heavy-duty capability and compatibility with leading grinders make it a valuable investment for your café.


Warning: Proposition 65 Warning — Applies to the State of California Only. LEARN MORE >

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