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Slayer Steam LP 3 Group Espresso Machine

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Type: Standard Configuration

About the Product

Slayer Espresso Machines: Exclusive Distributor

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Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to present the 3 Group Slayer Steam LP Commercial Espresso Machine, a hallmark of innovation and design. Crafted with Slayer's emblematic design ethos, the Steam LP introduces the Steam Box Set to meet demands for exceptional value. It encompasses a Volumetric system, ensuring consistent extraction at the classic 9-bar pressure, alongside user-friendly ergonomics and a spacious drain tray for efficient workflow. The low-profile design enhances counter space, inviting a more engaging customer experience.

Featured Models:

  • Steam LP Standard Configuration: Boasts ink black wings, Onyx Duratex actuators, SoftTouch portafilters, and a mirror-polish steel body.
  • Steam LP Chrome Edition: Offers customizable finishes, including chrome-plated and polished wings, Sapele wood actuators, and a cup rail. Choose from Glossy White, Matte Black, Turquoise Blue, or Bone Beige body colors.

Key Features:

  • Programmable pre-infusion (0-10 seconds).
  • Weight-based post-infusion programming.
  • Dual-volumetrics for two programmable doses per group head.
  • 1-5 second auto purge, triggered automatically or on demand.
  • Adjustable pressure for precise infusion settings.
  • Manual or volumetric operation at the push of a button.
  • Volumetric settings based on weight, thanks to advanced algorithms.
  • PID-controlled independent brew tanks.
  • Electronic solenoid steam valves.
  • Barista dashboard for each group.
  • Expansive work area.
  • Hidden wire and hose channels.
  • Automatic shot lights.
  • Adjustable drip tray.
  • Premium mirror polished stainless steel construction.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 16.75"(H) x 44.5"(W) x 28"(D)
  • Weight: 139 lbs (Empty), 305 lbs (With water)
  • Power: 220-240V, 60Hz, 3500W, 32A
  • Brew Tank Capacity: 1.7 liters
  • Steam Tank Capacity: 7.4 liters

Customizable Options:

  • Chrome Plated & Polished Wings
  • Sapele Wood Actuators and Handles
  • Body Colors: Glossy White, Matte Black, Turquoise Blue, Bone Beige

Water Filtration:

Designed for direct plumbing at 2 BAR (25 PSI), using REVERSE OSMOSIS (RO) water with a high-quality needle valve for optimal TDS. A water softener is essential for those not meeting water specifications to avoid warranty voidance. We advise adding a water filter to your purchase. Filter lifespan varies based on water quality and usage.

Ideal For:

  • Espresso Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés of any size


Includes a manufacturer parts warranty. Refurbished items come with a 3-month warranty, while brand new units have a 12-month warranty. Visit our warranty page for more details.

Contact Coffee Machine Depot USA to customize your Slayer Steam LP and for any inquiries regarding water quality.


Warning: Proposition 65 Warning — Applies to the State of California Only. LEARN MORE >


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