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Crysalli ProFusion Beverage Dispensing Tapping Kit (Complete Set-Up)

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About the Product

Crysalli Official Distributor

Crysalli Beverage Dispensing Tapping Kit (Model: iN2-TK2P-P)

Direct Shipment from Manufacturer: This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer. For availability and lead time information, please contact us.

Coffee Machine Depot USA is delighted to offer the Crysalli Beverage Dispensing Tapping Kit with premix tank couplers. This kit is meticulously engineered to enhance the delivery of coffee, tea, and craft beverages. It promises not only a rich taste and perfectly balanced foam but also the sparkling sensation of craft beverages. Ideal for captivating the taste buds of every customer. Its installation process is designed for simplicity and ease, allowing for swift integration into your bar or restaurant setup.

Included KIT CR-KIT-CT: Purchase includes all necessary hoses and fittings for a successful installation.

Please Note: This unit requires a CO2 tank, which is not included and must be procured by the buyer.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Beverage Dispensing: The iN2-TK2P tapping kit transforms your kegerator or back bar cooler into a sophisticated Profusion beverage dispensing system, capable of delivering two distinct styles of beverages from one keg - either nitrogenated or lightly carbonated, along with still beverages.
  • Efficient Configuration: Features a simple setup with one keg connection leading to two outlets, and one gas connection that supplies both the system and the keg, each with individual pressure control.
  • High-Quality Filtration: Includes a highly visible and easily accessible particulate filter, ensuring the purity of your beverages.
  • Compact Design: Boasts a sleek, thin structure to optimize space efficiency within coolers.

iN2-2P Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Width: 10.5", Depth: 4.5", Height: 12.75"
  • Features a single gas inlet with dual control for keg and injector pressures, one keg inlet, and two beverage outlets.
  • Comes with a built-in stainless-steel particulate filter (50 microns), which is washable and reusable.
  • Must be placed within a refrigerated space, no more than five feet from the dispensing tower.

iN2-V2 Two Tap Column Tower Specifications:

  • Equipped with two stainless steel faucets, insulated and air-cooled.
  • Includes 3/8" barrier hoses with fittings and hose kit.

Tapping Kit Specifications:

  • Comes with an N2 primary regulator.
  • Options for premix tank quick connect couplers or D-style keg couplers.

Water Filtration Notice:

Installing a water filter is essential for users not meeting the required water specifications; failing to install a water filter will void your warranty. It's advised to add a water filter to your purchase if you don't already own one. Filter replacement frequency depends on the water quality and beverage volume.

Perfect For:

  • Office Kitchenettes
  • Wineries
  • Low Volume Self-Serving Applications

Warranty Information:

This product comes with a manufacturer parts warranty. Refurbished items are covered for 3 months, while brand new units come with a 12-month warranty. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Use and Warranty Page.

Included in Your Purchase:

  • Beverage Dispensing Tapping Kit (Model iN2-TK2P-P)
  • Primary nitrogen regulator, plumbing connections, including gas and liquid premix tank connections (Model CR-KIT-IN2-P)
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Kit for Cold Brew Systems (Model CR-10-1591)

Required By Customer:

  • CO2 Tank

For any inquiries regarding water quality or additional details, please reach out to us directly.


Warning: Proposition 65 Warning — Applies to the State of California Only. LEARN MORE >

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