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Brood DRNX BRW Nitro Cold Brew System with Internal Reservoir

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About the Product

Unveiling the Revolutionary Brood DRNX BRW: The Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser


Coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals, get ready to elevate your beverage game with the introduction of the Brood DRNX BRW by Coffee Machine Depot USA. This state-of-the-art cold brew coffee dispenser is revolutionizing the way we think about beverage convenience and quality. Engineered for unparalleled performance, the DRNX BRW features a refrigerated internal 1.5-gallon reservoir to keep your drinks perfectly chilled at 2°C. A testament to innovation, this self-sufficient unit harnesses atmospheric nitrogen for infusion, removing the hassle associated with external nitrogen tanks, expensive consumables, and intricate plumbing requirements.

Why Choose the DRNX BRW?

The DRNX BRW distinguishes itself as a versatile beverage solution far beyond a standard dispenser. It effortlessly delivers both nitro-infused and still cold brews, offering an all-in-one brewing solution. Simply add coarse coffee beans and water to initiate the brewing process, and within 12 hours, enjoy exquisite cold brew coffee. This capability makes the DRNX BRW a perfect fit for small-scale operations seeking exceptional quality without the complexity.

Nicknamed the "Cocktail Machine," its adaptability is unparalleled. Transitioning from day to night, it can dispense up to five cocktails or mocktails per minute, enhancing the efficiency of any operation. Whether you're serving specialty coffee or craft cocktails, the DRNX BRW is designed to meet the demands of any busy establishment.


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Highlighted Features

  • Internal Reservoir: No need for external storage tanks.
  • Dual Dispensing: Nitro and still cold brews from one tap.
  • Atmospheric Nitrogen Extraction: Eliminates the need for external nitrogen sources.
  • Quick Setup: Operational in just 2 minutes.
  • Consistent Quality: Perfect pours every time.
  • Rapid Chilling: Cools 1.5 gallons to 36°F in less than 30 minutes.
  • Versatile: Suitable for any drink.
  • Compact Design: Easily fits in various spaces.
  • Customizable: Options for color, design, and tap handle personalization.
  • Innovative Technology: Features patent-pending advancements.


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 10"W x 14.75"H x 18.25"D
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Functionality: Cold Nitro & Cold Still
  • Power Supply: 100-120V /60 Hz or 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Amps: 1.8A
  • Dispensing Capacity: 62L/Hour
  • Temperature Consistency: 36°F ±1°F
  • Capacity: 1.5-Gallon Internal Reservoir
  • Optional Accessories: Bag-in-box adaptor
  • Pressure: 34 PSI


Ideal for Various Settings

The DRNX BRW is perfectly suited for a wide range of establishments, including specialty coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, and coffee carts. Its versatility and ease of use ensure it meets the diverse needs of the beverage industry.


Warranty and Registration

The DRNX BRW is backed by a 12-month warranty from the date of registration. Customers are encouraged to register their machine via the dedicated portal, using the serial number located on the outer box or beneath the machine. For comprehensive terms of use and registration details, visit our website Register Here>..


Experience the Future of Cold Brew Dispensing with the Brood DRNX BRW - where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched quality and convenience.


California Residents: Learn more about Proposition 65. 

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