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Wilbur Curtis 1.5 Gallon Thermal Freshtrac Dispenser Without Base

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About the Product

Wilbur Curtis Thermal FreshTrac™ 1.5 Gallon Dispenser: A Comprehensive Guide

Coffee Machine Depot USA, an authorized distributor of Wilbur Curtis products, proudly presents the Wilbur Curtis Thermal FreshTrac™ 1.5 Gallon Dispenser, Model TFT15G2. This cutting-edge coffee dispenser is designed to revolutionize the way coffee is served, ensuring freshness and quality with its innovative features.

Innovative Features for Optimal Coffee Service

  • Twin LEDs: Enhances visibility across the room, allowing for quick quality checks.
  • Stand-Alone Operation: Functions independently, eliminating the need for a brewing system connection.
  • Universal Compatibility: Perfectly complements existing Curtis Thermal Servers for seamless integration.
  • Brew-Through Convenience: Guarantees consistent coffee flavor, temperature, and quality.
  • Extended Durability: Comes with a high-tech power module backed by a one-year performance guarantee.

Understanding the Thermal FreshTrac™ System

The TFT15G2 model boasts a lid-integrated gauge featuring:

  • Liquid Level Indicator: Enables easy monitoring of coffee levels, indicating when a refill is necessary.
  • Coffee Quality Timer: Offers a digital display for precise time management, with customizable countdown or count-up options.
  • Active LED Light Display:
    • Wake-Up Mode: Initiates the brewing cycle with a distinctive green-red-green flash pattern.
    • Coffee is Fresh: Indicates freshness with a green blink every 6 seconds for the first 1 hour and 50 minutes.
    • Warning Mode: Alerts users before expiration with a green-red-green flash when only 10 minutes of freshness remain or the coffee level drops between 12 and 24 ounces.
    • Expiration Alert: Signals when the coffee is no longer fresh with a red flash every 6 seconds for one hour.

Dimensions & Shipping Details

  • Product Dimensions: Height: 15.000", Width: 9.130", Depth: 13.670".
  • Shipping Information: Height: 25.00", Width: 13.00", Depth: 15.00", Weight: 15.00 lbs, Cube: 2.83 cuft.

Certification and Compliance

The TFT15G2 model is NSF Certified, ensuring it meets stringent health and safety standards, making it a reliable choice for any establishment prioritizing quality coffee service.

Why Choose the Curtis TFT15G2 Thermal FreshTrac™ Dispenser?

Offering a 1.5-gallon capacity and a wide-mouth lid for easy use, the Curtis TFT15G2 is the epitome of innovation in coffee service. With its visual time and volume indication system, visible even from a distance, it guarantees that your coffee remains fresh, and your service remains impeccable.

Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to offer this exceptional dispenser, highlighting its commitment to providing high-quality coffee service solutions. The Curtis TFT15G2 Thermal FreshTrac™ 1.5 Gallon Dispenser is not just an addition to your coffee program; it's a game-changer, designed to enhance efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.


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