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BWT bestmax XL Canister

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About the Product

BWT Bestmax: The Ultimate Filtration Solution for the Catering Industry


Coffee Machine Depot USA is proud to present the BWT bestmax XL, stands out as the comprehensive filtration solution tailored for creating unparalleled coffee water, ensuring ideal water quality for vending machines, and facilitating optimal steam generation for ovens and combi steamers. Designed with the diverse needs of the catering sector in mind, it's simple, practical, and leverages the cutting-edge High Efficiency Technology (HET) from BWT water+more, guaranteeing exceptional water optimization with its range of filter cartridges.


Key Advantages for Your Business

  • Consistent High-Quality Water: Enjoy uniformly superior water quality for all hot and cold beverages, across cups and mugs, in the kitchen, and the bakery. Ideal for enhancing the taste and quality of all snacks and bakery items.
  • Innovative Water Optimization: As a leader in innovation, BWT water+more is dedicated to the continuous enhancement of its water optimization filter systems. The introduction of the new "High Efficiency Technology" (HET) marks another milestone, establishing new standards in filter capacity, efficiency, and safety.

Following extensive research by our team of engineers, chemists, and water technologists, we are excited to introduce a new era of filter capacity that redefines efficiency and safety standards.


Features That Set Us Apart

  • Optimized Efficiency: Achieve unmatched efficiency with 5× filtration.
  • Advanced Scale Protection: Exceptionally efficient hard water treatment for scale prevention.
  • Universal Connection Technology: Compatible with all filter types and sizes for seamless integration.
  • Effortless Filter Replacement: Simple and straightforward filter exchange process.
  • Innovative Bypass Filtration: Direct, one-time bypass setting at the filter head, including filtration of bypass water.
  • Versatile Installation: Suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation.
  • Safety Enhancements: Automatic shut-off valve for secure filter changes and an integrated backflow shut-off valve in the filter head.


Technical Specifications

  • Connection Thread (In/Out): 3/8”
  • Pressure Range: 2 – 8 bar
  • Water Temperature Range: 4 – 30°C
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 4 – 40°C
  • Dimensions: Total height without bracket - 500mm; With bracket - 530mm. Connection height - 450mm. Distance from floor - 65mm. Installed length - 125mm. Filter cartridges diameter - 145mm.
  • Weight: Approximately 3.8 kg (dry), 6.0 kg (wet).


Elevate Your Catering Business with BWT Bestmax

Choose BWT Bestmax for an unmatched filtration solution that ensures the quality of your hot and cold beverages, snacks, and bakery products. Our advanced filter systems not only improve the taste and quality of your offerings but also contribute to the efficiency and safety of your operations. Explore the benefits of our High Efficiency Technology (HET) and take your catering business to new heights with BWT.


California Residents: Learn more about Proposition 65. 

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