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Ditting 807 Lab Sweet Coffee Grinder

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Color: Black

About the Product

Introducing the Ditting 807 Lab Sweet Grinder in Black: A Review for Coffee Aficionados


Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to spotlight the Ditting 807 Lab Sweet grinder in elegant black. This grinder doesn't just meet the highest quality standards with its capability for single portions and unmatched precision; it sets them. What sets the 807 Lab Sweet apart is its exclusive use of premium cast steel burrs, designed with a unique geometry of grinding teeth. This innovation ensures an optimal particle size distribution in the grounds, leading to a uniform extraction and enhanced sweetness in every cup.

The 807 Lab Sweet distinguishes itself as the sole model in its series to boast these premium burrs, making it a prime choice for achieving the finest grind. Its virtually zero retention rate positions it as the ideal grinder for both laboratory cuppings and coffee shop use. The grinder's design incorporates a foldable tray that can be adjusted in height seamlessly, alongside a grounds vessel, guaranteeing superior usability.


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Highlighted Features:

  • An expansive grind size adjustment range.
  • A lever and knocker unit designed for bag clamping.
  • Adjustable support for the filter basket, accommodating both height and width.
  • Dual active fans for efficient cooling.
  • The inclusion of premium cast steel burrs.


Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 110V 60hz
  • Nominal Power: 700 W
  • Revolutions per Minute: 1400 rpm (50Hz); 1700 rpm (60Hz)
  • Burr Diameter: 80 mm
  • Burr Material: Premium cast steel
  • Grinding Capacity: 9 g/s (medium grind)
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: Approximately 510 g
  • Dimensions: 216 x 536 x 300 mm
  • Packing Dimensions: 292 x 685 x 377 mm
  • Net Weight: 17.4 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 18.8 kg
  • Standard Color: Black (body and bean hopper), with a smoked hopper option.
  • Listings: CB, UL/CSA, NSF, KTL, EAC


Ideal for Use in:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants


Warranty Information:

Every purchase comes with a manufacturer parts warranty, ensuring peace of mind with every use. Refurbished items receive a three-month warranty, while brand new units are covered for twelve months. For further details, please refer to our warranty terms. 


The Ditting 807 Lab Sweet grinder is not just an appliance but a significant investment in the quality of your coffee. It promises not only precision and consistency but also an enriched flavor profile in every cup. Whether for a bustling coffee shop or a discerning home barista, the 807 Lab Sweet is the pinnacle of grinding technology, ensuring that each coffee bean's potential is fully realized.


California Residents: Learn more about Proposition 65. 

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