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La San Marco 100 E

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Color: Matte Black

About the Product

Discover the La San Marco 100 E 2 Group Espresso Machine: A Blend of Style and Quality

Coffee Machine Depot USA, as the official distributor, is proud to present the La San Marco 100 E 2 Group Espresso Machine. Renowned globally, this espresso machine stands out for its distinctive design and superior quality, making it a favorite in the coffee machine market. Perfectly suited for any setting, the 100 E model boasts an aggressive appearance complemented by a versatile color palette and chrome-plated finishes. These features not only underline the machine's aesthetic appeal but also emphasize its unique design and the originality of the series, celebrated worldwide for its excellence.

Key Features That Elevate Your Coffee Experience

  • Internal Water Filling Motor-Pump: Ensures consistent water flow and pressure.
  • LED Water Level Indicator: Keeps track of water levels effortlessly.
  • Programmable Keypad: Offers 6 coffee doses, with an additional start/stop button for each group, allowing for personalized coffee brewing.
  • Water Temperature Mixer: For precise temperature adjustments.
  • Individual Temperature Regulators: Each group comes with its own flow variator, enabling perfect brewing conditions.
  • Work Surface Protection: Side protection keeps your workspace pristine.
  • Smudge-Proof Stainless-Steel Surfaces: Maintains the machine's sleek look.
  • Programmable Water Doses: With two settings and a start/stop button for tailored beverage strength.
  • Automatic Wash Cycle: Simplifies maintenance.
  • Manual Steam Delivery Levers: For hands-on frothing control.

Technical Specifications for the Connoisseur

  • Dimensions: Length 29 inches, Height 22 inches, Width 23 inches
  • Boiler Capacity: 12 liters, ensuring you can meet high demand periods with ease.
  • Power Requirements: 230 volts, 3500 watts - powerful and efficient.
  • Certifications: ETL, Conforms to NSF standards, ensuring safety and quality.

Water Filtration: A Must for Supreme Coffee Quality

To guarantee the longevity of your La San Marco 100 E and the quality of your coffee, installing a water softener is essential for all users. A water filter addition is highly recommended to protect against impurities. Adhering to these guidelines not only ensures the best tasting coffee but also protects your warranty.

Ideal For

  • Coffee Shops: Elevate your customer's coffee experience.
  • Restaurants: Complement your gourmet offerings.
  • Bakeries: Enhance your café's aroma with freshly brewed coffee.
  • Juice Bars: Diversify your menu with high-quality espresso.

Warranty and Support

The La San Marco 100 E comes with a 12-month limited manufacturer's warranty covering parts. Our commitment to quality ensures your peace of mind. For any inquiries regarding water quality or for further assistance, our dedicated team is just a contact away.

Make the La San Marco 100 E 2 Group Espresso Machine the Heart of Your Coffee Crafting

With its unparalleled design, advanced features, and comprehensive warranty, the La San Marco 100 E 2 Group Espresso Machine is more than just a coffee machine. It's an investment in quality and style, promising to transform any space into a premier coffee destination.


Warning: Proposition 65 Warning — Applies to the State of California Only. LEARN MORE >


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