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Nuova Simonelli Mythos Basic Espresso Grinder

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About the Product

Introducing the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Basic Espresso Grinder

Experience Excellence with the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Basic Grinder

Introducing the Nuova Simonelli Mythos Basic Grinder, a pinnacle of commercial espresso grinding technology. Designed for professional use, this grinder ensures uniform particle dispersal on demand, setting a new standard in precision and quality.

Unparalleled Precision Grinding

The Nuova Simonelli Mythos Basic Grinder revolutionizes the coffee grinding experience with its capability for micro-metric adjustments. Unlike traditional grinders that offer limited settings, this model provides extraordinarily precise control over grind size. This advanced system not only allows for exact adjustments but also makes it easy to monitor and adjust the coffee dosage directly from the dispenser. With Nuova Simonelli's innovative design, almost all ground coffee is expelled from the milling chamber, ensuring that each espresso shot is made with only the freshest coffee. This crucial feature also prevents the grinder from overheating, maintaining the integrity of your coffee beans.

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Key Features

  • Steel Burrs (75mm): The grinder comes equipped with steel burrs, which are capable of grinding up to 1500 pounds of coffee before needing a replacement. This makes it robust and reliable for high-volume coffee grinding.
  • Micrometric Grind Adjustment: This feature allows baristas to make very precise adjustments to the grind size throughout the grinding process, enabling them to achieve the perfect grind consistency for various coffee preparations.
  • Clump Crusher Technology: This technology ensures that the coffee is clump-free and evenly distributed, delivering a fluffy texture which is ideal for high-quality espresso extraction.
  • Multi-Function LCD Display: The display enables baristas to adjust the dose, select various barista modes, and lock the grinder settings to prevent accidental changes.
  • Portafilter Holder: This allows the grinder to hold the portafilter during the dosing process, freeing up the barista to perform other tasks simultaneously.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 25 inches
  • Depth: 20 inches
  • Width: 8 inches
  • Voltage: 110V (with a range of 110-125V)
  • Wattage: 800W
  • Amp Draw: 8 amps
  • Power Input: Nema 5-15 connector
  • Burr Size: 75mm
  • Burr Type: Stainless Steel
  • Burr Speed: High Speed
  • Hopper Size: 3.2 kg
  • Built-in Tamper: No
  • Climate Controlled: No

The Mythos Basic is designed to meet the needs of busy coffee shops and expert baristas, offering precision, durability, and ease of use. It's especially suitable for establishments that prioritize top-notch coffee grinding capabilities.

    Ideal For:

    • Cafes
    • Restaurants

    Warranty and Support 

    Every purchase comes with a manufacturer parts warranty, ensuring peace of mind with every use. Refurbished items receive a three-month warranty, while brand new units are covered for twelve months. For further details, please refer to our warranty terms. 

      Choose Nuova Simonelli for Unmatched Quality and Performance

      With Coffee Machine Depot USA, you are choosing more than just a grinder. You are investing in a legacy of espresso excellence. The Nuova Simonelli Mythos Basic Grinder is not just a tool; it's the gateway to unparalleled espresso shots, every time.

      California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning applies to this product.   

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