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Mr. Collins Uptown Blend (5lbs Bag)

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About the Product

The Uptown Blend: A Fusion of World-Class Origins


Crafted from the finest coffee beans, our Uptown Blend boasts a composition of 70% Nariño, Colombia, and 30% Guji, Ethiopia, merging the distinct qualities of these renowned coffee-growing regions.

Flavor Notes:

Experience a delightful symphony of flavors with our Uptown Blend, characterized by rich notes of Cherry, Caramel, and Chocolate. This combination ensures a taste that is both luxurious and comforting.

The Uptown Blend Experience:

The Uptown Blend represents a meticulous combination of robust Colombian beans and the sweet cherry notes of the Ethiopian varietal. This pairing results in a high-quality, fruit-forward flavor profile that is unparalleled. Ideal for espresso drinks, pour-over coffee, or milk-based beverages, the Uptown Blend is versatile and caters to a broad range of coffee connoisseurs.

Our Story: The Journey of Every Cup

At the heart of our ethos is the belief that every cup of coffee should be a source of happiness and enjoyment. We invite you to take a moment, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the sensation of sipping a warm cup of coffee. That moment is the culmination of years of dedication, a journey spanning thousands of miles, fueled by passion.

We are deeply passionate about coffee. This passion drives us to seek out the best beans, ensuring quality, consistency, and joy with every cup served. Our partners venture into the depths of forests to source these exceptional beans directly from esteemed farmers. This dedication brings to life the extraordinary flavor profiles of our single-origin offerings and blends.

Our Mission: Elevating Coffee Experiences

Our mission is multifaceted and dedicated to the enrichment of your coffee experience:

  • To Provide: We aim to offer an array of exceptional coffees, catering to the unique tastes of every individual.
  • To Partner: Working closely with our roasters, we are committed to delivering diverse and exceptional flavor profiles.
  • To Equip: Supplying the finest espresso equipment to ensure the production of top-quality coffee.
  • To Educate: Offering ongoing barista training to our partner cafes, ensuring excellence in every cup.
  • To Support: Providing dedicated technical support when it matters most, ensuring uninterrupted quality and service.

Join us on this remarkable journey, as we continue to bring the art and joy of coffee to life.


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