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Wega Polaris - 3 Group High Cup Standard

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About the Product

Wega Polaris: Premier Choice for Commercial Espresso Machines

Authorized Distributor Highlight

Introducing the Wega Polaris in 3 Group Commercial Coffee Espresso Machine in Custom Tangerine – a hallmark of reliability and unparalleled value in the realm of commercial espresso machinery. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by the Astoria/CMA, a stalwart in the Italian espresso machine manufacturing industry, this machine is not just an equipment; it's your next step towards the pinnacle of café culture.

Unmatched Italian Craftsmanship

CMA's reputation, fortified by their creation of esteemed brands like Astoria and Mazzer grinders, not to mention San Marino, is synonymous with reliability, elegance, durability, and straightforward maintenance. This espresso machine, embodying classic Italian design, demands attention and admiration in any setting. Its robust construction, including a galvanized chassis and a substantial boiler, ensures longevity and unwavering performance – a testament to Astoria's machines, some of which continue to operate flawlessly after 15 years.

Designed for Excellence

The Wega Polaris is engineered to thrive in the demanding environments of medium to high-volume cafés, bakeries, restaurants, and bars. It boasts a significant 17-liter capacity boiler, adept at delivering not just exquisite espresso but also teas, making it a versatile asset for any commercial setting. The essence of a great coffee lies in consistency and pressure, and this machine delivers on both fronts to provide exceptional extractions.

Your Reliability Partner

Understanding the critical nature of reliability in your business, the Wega Polaris stands out for its dependability. A machine's performance is pivotal, but so is the ease of maintenance and service – an area where this espresso machine excels. Designed for straightforward upkeep, it minimizes downtime and ensures you keep serving your customers without a hitch.

Refurbishment and Warranty

Our Wega Polaris machines undergo a rigorous 5-point certification and REFURBISHMENT PROCESS, including a boiler descaling and a comprehensive rebuild of steam wand and group heads. With a 12-month PM kit included, each machine is guaranteed to be in exceptional working condition.

Technical Specifications:

  • Height: 21 inches
  • Width: 40 inches
  • Depth: 22 inches
  • Voltage/Current: 240 V, 30 Amp
  • Certifications: CE Certified
  • Water Filtration: Installation of a water softener is mandatory to uphold your warranty, with a strong recommendation for the BWT water system for optimal protection.

Perfect For:

  • Cafés
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Bars

Warranty Assurance

We stand behind our machines with a robust warranty program, offering 3 months of coverage on refurbished items and a full 12 months on brand new units.

In Conclusion

The Wega Polaris in 3 Group Commercial Coffee Espresso Machine in Custom Tangerine represents not just a purchase but an investment in your business's future, promising unparalleled reliability, aesthetic appeal, and coffee perfection. Ready to elevate your establishment? This machine is primed for installation and use in your café, setting the stage for countless memorable coffee experiences.


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