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Wega Polaris - 2 Group High Cup

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About the Product

Wega Polaris 2 Group High Cup Commercial Espresso Machine

Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to introduce the refurbished Wega Polaris 2 Group High Cup Commercial Espresso Machine, a paragon of design and reliability. Distinguished by its vibrant yellow body and equipped with standard portafilters, the Wega Polaris stands out not just for its aesthetics but for its unparalleled functionality in the commercial espresso realm.


Crafted in Italy, these machines are not only about performance; their stylish designs command attention, making them a centerpiece in any setting. Perfectly suited for medium to high demand cafés, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and bars, this machine boasts a generous 12-liter boiler capacity, adept at handling busy rushes and versatile enough for both tea and espresso preparations. It's a testament to what a commercial espresso machine should be—reliable, efficient, and striking.


Key Features

·         Heat Exchange System: Ensures optimal coffee brewing temperature.

·         Volumetric Pump: For precise water dosage.

·         Boiler Pump Pressure Gauge: To monitor pressure with ease.

·         Programmable Doses: Up to four per group, for consistent espresso shots.

·         Manual Brewing Buttons: For hands-on control.

·         Hot Water Tap: Comes with programmable electronic dosing for tea and Americanos.

·         Stainless Steel Steam Wands: Two for efficient milk frothing, plus an additional steam wand for versatility.

·         58mm Portafilters: Professional standard for exceptional espresso extraction.

·         Personalization and Technical Specifications

·         Offering personalized colors and finishes, this machine can be tailored to fit any interior. Contact us to explore customization options.


Technical Specifications

·         Dimensions: Height: 22 in, Width: 29 in, Depth: 23 in

·         Weight: 165 lbs

·         Voltage: 240 VAC

·         Amp Service Required: 20

·         Element Wattage: 4200 W

·         Boiler Size: 12 Liters

·         Certifications: CE Certified

·         Water Filtration and Inclusions

·         Direct plumbing is required, and we recommend the BWT Filtration System to mitigate limescale buildup. Our team is available to assist in selecting the perfect filter for your area.


Included with Your Purchase

·         Two 58mm group handles

·         Electronic instructions manual

·         Water and waste hoses

·         30 Amp, 240 Volt USA plug


Ideal for Various Settings

Perfect for coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, and bars, this coffee machine is designed to meet the needs of any busy establishment looking to offer superior coffee experiences.


Perfect For: Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Restaurants and Bars

Water Filter Requirements and Guidelines: To ensure the longevity and performance of this espresso machine, the installation of a water softener is mandatory for users not meeting the required water specifications, as failure to comply will void the warranty. It is advised to add a water filter to your purchase. Protect your investment and guarantee the best taste with our recommended water filtration systems. Optipure Reverse Osmosis Water System which offers maximum purity and protective benefits, perfect for any high demand setting.


Our Meticulous Refurbishment Process: We begin with a deep descaling of the boiler to clear away any mineral build-up, crucial for peak performance and longevity. Our skilled technicians then equip the machine with a 12-month preventative maintenance kit, replacing essentials like gaskets, screens, and valves. After a rigorous five-point inspection and several brew cycles, this beauty is guaranteed to meet the original manufacturer's standards for quality and performance, backed by a 3-month manufacturer parts warranty. 


Warranty and Support:  Benefit from a 3-month limited manufacturer parts warranty and comprehensive over-the-phone support based in Los Angeles, CA, ensuring you receive assistance whenever needed.


Note for California Residents: This product includes a Proposition 65 warning.

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