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Rancilio Classe 20 SB 2 Group Espresso Machine

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About the Product

Introducing the Rancilio Classe 20 SB 2 Group Espresso Machine


Coffee Machine Depot USA, an Authorized Distributor of Rancilio, is excited to showcase the Rancilio Classe 20 SB 2 Group espresso machine. This innovative machine not only enhances the coffee category in terms of performance and functionality but also introduces groundbreaking features for temperature stability control, a smart interface, and a novel approach to diagnostics.


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Key Features:

  • Steady Brew: Guarantees consistent temperature for optimal espresso extraction.
  • Touchscreen Interface: For easy and intuitive control of the machine.
  • Standard Quality Espresso: Ensures every cup meets high-quality standards.
  • Plug & Brew: Simplifies the setup process, making it quick and straightforward.
  • X-Tea: Delivers precise temperature control for tea brewing.
  • C-Lever Steam Valve: Offers ergonomic steam control.
  • LED Lights: Enhance the user interface and machine aesthetics.
  • Grid System: Facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • ABM (Advanced Boiler Management): Optimizes boiler temperature for consistent performance.
  • Easy Fix: Simplifies troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Easy Clean: Designed for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Hydro Hub: Centralizes water connections for easy management.
  • Snap & Share: Allows for easy sharing of settings and recipes.
  • USB Port: For software updates and data sharing.
  • V-Flex: Ensures voltage stability for uninterrupted operation.


Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Height: 21.6 inches | Width: 30.5 inches | Depth: 22.4 inches
  • Weight: 163.1 lbs
  • Power: 220-240 V | 50-60Hz, 4850W
  • Boiler Capacity: 11 liters
  • Ampere: 30A


Water Filtration:

Protect your investment and guarantee the best taste with our recommended water filtration systems: 

  • For Single Boiler Machines: BWT Single Cartridge Filter enhances flavor and prevents scale. 
  • For Double Boiler Machines: Optipure Reverse Osmosis Water System offers maximum purity and protective benefits, perfect for any high-demand setting. 


Ideal For:

  • Cafés
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Office Settings


Warranty and Support:

Every purchase comes with a manufacturer parts warranty, ensuring peace of mind with every use. Refurbished items receive a three-month warranty, while brand new units are covered for twelve months. For further details, please refer to our warranty terms. 

Elevate your coffee-making experience with the Rancilio Classe 20 SB 2 Group—where innovation meets tradition in every cup.


California Residents: Learn more about Proposition 65. 

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