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La Marzocco Linea AV - 3 Group Matte Black - 2015

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About the Product

La Marzocco Linea AV - Fully Refurbished Coffee Machine Showcase

Coffee Machine Depot USA is delighted to present the La Marzocco Linea AV, a model from 2015, now available fully refurbished with a stylish matte black finish. Known for its uncomplicated beauty and reliability, the La Marzocco Linea is a staple in numerous leading cafes, roasteries, and chains worldwide. Designed for high-volume environments, the Linea AV ensures consistent performance, making it a dependable choice for any coffee-serving establishment.


Comprehensive Refurbishment for Optimal Performance

Our specialized technicians have meticulously refurbished this La Marzocco Linea AV, ensuring it meets our rigorous standards. The refurbishment process included a thorough cleaning, a boiler descale, and the installation of a 12-month La Marzocco preventative maintenance (PM) kit. The machine has undergone extensive testing to guarantee its exceptional working condition, ready to serve your business's needs.


Key Features:

·         Dual-Boiler System: Ensures stability and efficiency with saturated brew groups.

·         Robust Construction: Features stainless steel boilers and housing for durability.

·         Precision Brewing: Welded brew boiler with PID for accurate temperature control.

·         User-Friendly: Omnidirectional stainless steel steam wands and sight glass for easy steam boiler monitoring.

·         Reliability: Semiautomatic back-up system in AV configurations for continuous operation.

·         Versatility: Two stainless steel steam wands to accommodate high-demand periods.


Technical Specifications:

·         Dimensions: 21"H x 37"W x 22"D

·         Weight: 201 lbs

·         Power: 240 V, 60 Hz, requiring a 27 Amp service

·         Element Wattage: 5,900 W

·         Coffee/Steam Boiler Capacity: 5 liters / 11 liters

·         Certified by CE


Included with Your Purchase:

·         Three wood portafilters

·         An electronic copy of the instruction manual

·         Necessary water and waste hoses

·         A USA-standard 30 Amp, 240 Volt plug


Customization and Options:

Personalized Touch: Available in customizable colors and finishes to match your establishment's aesthetics. Contact us for details and availability.


Ideal For: Perfect for a variety of settings including Bakeries, Cafés, Restaurants, Bars Hotels, and Country Clubs.

Water Filter Requirements and Guidelines: To ensure the longevity and performance of this espresso machine, the installation of a water softener is mandatory for users not meeting the required water specifications, as failure to comply will void the warranty. It is advised to add a water filter to your purchase. Protect your investment and guarantee the best taste with our recommended water filtration systems. Optipure Reverse Osmosis Water System which offers maximum purity and protective benefits, perfect for any high demand setting.

Our Meticulous Refurbishment Process We begin with a deep descaling of the boiler to clear away any mineral build-up, crucial for peak performance and longevity. Our skilled technicians then equip the machine with a 12-month preventative maintenance kit, replacing essentials like gaskets, screens, and valves. After a rigorous five-point inspection and several brew cycles, this beauty is guaranteed to meet the original manufacturer's standards for quality and performance, backed by a 3-month manufacturer parts warranty.

Warranty and Support: Rest easy with a 3-month limited manufacturer parts warranty. Plus, our full-tech house in Los Angeles, CA, is always ready to help, offering complimentary over-the-phone support to our customers.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning Applies to this Product.

At Coffee Machine Depot USA, we are dedicated to enhancing your coffee experience with the La Marzocco Linea AV, a machine that not only brews excellent coffee but also brings a touch of Italian elegance to any environment.


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