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BWT besthead FLEX for Water Filtration System

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About the Product

Introducing the BWT Besthead FLEX: Optimal Filtration in Compact Spaces


Coffee Machine Depot USA is delighted to introduce the BWT besthead FLEX, a groundbreaking development in water filtration technology designed for even the most restricted spaces. This product features the world's most flexible connection technology, making installation straightforward and hassle-free.


Key Features of the BWT Besthead FLEX

  • Effortless Installation: The innovative FLEX technology allows for angle adjustments in 30° increments, optimizing hose organization even in tight areas. This design not only saves space but also enhances safety.
  • Seamless Connection: With the FLEX Insert technology, the need for additional double nipples or transition fittings is eliminated. Accessories come with preassembled hoses for both raw water and appliance connections, which attach directly to the filter head’s unique interface. A secure clip fastens them in place, negating the need for tools during disconnection.
  • Safety and Hygiene: The filter head is equipped with DVGW-inspected check valves on both the inlet and outlet to prevent backflow into the filter cartridge or water pipeline. All components, including the BWT besthead FLEX and its accessories, are crafted from food-safe materials, making them suitable for all potable water systems globally.


Advanced Technical Specifications

  • Simplified Operations: Features an integrated vent valve, easy bypass settings with a locking mechanism, and an automatic water stop for filter changes.
  • Built-in Protection: Comes standard with two DVGW-inspected check valves.
  • Installation Flexibility: An optional standard wall mount is available, and a variety of FLEX connection technology sizes ensures compatibility with various setups.


Product Details

  • Model Configuration: BWT besthead FLEX includes 2 connection pieces, a 90° elbow, and a FLEX insert with a 3/8" AG.
  • Operational Ranges:
    • Inlet Pressure: 2-8 bar
    • Water Temperature: 4-30°C
    • Ambient Temperature: 4-40°C


Additional Information

The BWT besthead FLEX is a universal filter head compatible with all standard BWT water+more filter cartridges. It is ideal for installations in confined spaces and comes with an extensive selection of FLEX accessories.

For those seeking efficient and space-saving water filtration solutions, the BWT besthead FLEX offers unparalleled flexibility and safety, reinforcing Coffee Machine Depot USA’s commitment to innovative and effective products.


California Residents: Learn more about Proposition 65. 

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