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BWT bestprotect XL Water Kit with besthead FLEX and Aquameter

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About the Product

Discover the BWT Bestprotect Filtration Solution: Your Ultimate Equipment Protection 


Coffee Machine Depot USA is proud to present the BWT bestprotect XL. In the dynamic world of food service, the quality of hot beverages like coffee and espresso hinges significantly on the water used. The BWT bestprotect filtration solution emerges as a beacon of innovation, meticulously engineered to enhance your hot drink production equipment's longevity and performance. Leveraging BWT's cutting-edge technology, it stands as a shield, ensuring your equipment is safeguarded against the harsh effects of limescale, gypsum residues, and corrosion.


Why Choose BWT Bestprotect? Unveiling the Benefits:

  • Optimized Water Quality: Tailored to perfection, it ensures an optimal pH value and a balanced mineral content, crucial for elevating the taste of both hot and cold beverages.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Fortify your equipment against corrosion, including the menacing stainless steel corrosion, ensuring its longevity and reliability.
  • Combat Stubborn Residues: Exceptionally effective against persistent residues like gypsum, keeping maintenance needs and costs to a bare minimum.
  • Extended Equipment Life: An investment in BWT bestprotect means an extended lifespan for your equipment, translating to greater savings and efficiency in the long run.


Technical Specifications:

  • Versatile Connection: Easy installation with a 3/8” thread for both inlet and outlet.
  • Operational Ranges: Ensures consistent performance with intake pressure ranging from 2 to 8 bar and water temperatures between 4°C and 30°C.
  • Designed for Durability: Compact yet robust design with detailed dimensions provided to fit seamlessly into your setup.
  • Lightweight Efficiency: Weighing approximately 4.0 kg, it's designed for ease of installation and maintenance.


Introducing BESTHEAD FLEX: The Pinnacle of Flexibility and Safety

BWT besthead FLEX redefines filter installation with its unparalleled flexible connector technology. Designed to fit even in the tightest spaces, its innovative FLEX technology allows for optimal orientation of connector hoses, ensuring space efficiency and maximum safety without the need for additional fittings. Manufactured from food-safe materials, it's a universal solution for all drinking water systems worldwide.

Benefits of BWT Besthead Flex:

  • Innovative FLEX Technology: A breakthrough in filter installation, ensuring flexibility and safety.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit all BWT water+more filter cartridges.
  • Ease of Installation: With a tool-free clip system for secure and effortless connections.


AQUAMETER: Precision in Every Drop

The BWT Bestmax Water Meter - Aquameter revolutionizes filter monitoring with its LCD display, providing accurate measurements of the filter's residual capacity. This guarantees timely filter replacements, ensuring the consistent quality of your beverages.


What's Included:

  • Bestprotect Premium Water Filter in size XL
  • Besthead Flex
  • Aquameter


Ideal Applications:

Experience perfection in every sip with BWT's filtration solutions, designed to deliver pristine water for all hot beverages and delightful cold drinks.

Elevate your beverage quality and protect your equipment investment with BWT's advanced filtration solutions.


California Residents: Learn more about Proposition 65. 

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