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La Marzocco Swift Grinder

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Size: 110V

About the Product

La Marzocco Swift Grinder 


Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to introduce the La Marzocco Swift Grinder, a revolutionary coffee grinding solution that guarantees quality in every cup. This innovative grinder is uniquely designed to grind and tamp on demand, ensuring no waste and no mess, while delivering an accurate volumetric dose consistently. 

The Swift Grinder stands alone as the only grinder that combines precision grinding with on-the-spot tamping. Its intelligent engineering and design promise level and consistent coffee beds, maintaining high standards shot after shot, regardless of the operator. 

Equipped with flat ceramic burrs, the Swift Grinder minimizes heat buildup during the grinding process, protecting the integrity of the coffee beans. It is fully compatible with all La Marzocco espresso machines, making it the perfect choice for high-volume locations where consistency and quality are paramount. 

Explore the unparalleled performance of the La Marzocco Swift Grinder and ensure your espresso shots are perfect every time. 


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  • High Capacity for Non-Stop Service: The La Marzocco Swift Grinder features two giant hoppers, each with a 4-pound capacity, allowing you to have ample amounts of both decaf and regular whole bean coffee on hand. This design significantly reduces the time spent refilling the hoppers, enhancing efficiency in high-demand settings. 
  • Programmable Consistency for Perfect Espresso: Achieve unparalleled uniformity in your espresso production with the Swift espresso grinder. This machine removes variability in the grinding process by automatically controlling the quantity and tamp pressure, ensuring consistent results every time. 
  • Automatic Tamping for Uniform Quality: The La Marzocco Swift grinder comes equipped with an automatic tamping feature. This ensures that each coffee puck is consistently compressed with the same pressure, leading to perfect extractions and ultimate flavor consistency in every shot. 
  • High-Speed Ceramic Burrs for Superior Grinding: At the heart of the Swift grinder are its high-speed flat ceramic burrs, celebrated for their durability and minimal heat transfer. While the debate on the best type of burrs continues, the Swift’s ceramic burrs ensure the integrity of your coffee beans by reducing heat buildup during grinding. 
  • Volume Dosing System for Precise Measurement: Move beyond the inaccuracies of timed dosing with the Swift's volume-based dosing system. This advanced feature guarantees that you receive the exact same amount of coffee grind every time, which is crucial for maintaining consistency across all espresso shots. 



  • Burr Type: Ceramic Flat 
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.8 kgs / 4 x 2 lbs 
  • Grind Adjustment: Stepless 
  • Burr Diameter: 64 mm 
  • Grinding Speed: N/A 
  • Programmable Dose: Yes 
  • Height: 65.5 cm / 25.5” 
  • Width: 35 cm / 13.5” 
  • Depth: 36 cm / 14” 
  • Weight: 31 kgs / 68 lbs 
  • Voltage: 110V Single Phase, 220V Single Phase 
  • Wattage: 780W 
  • Certifications: NSF/ANSI 



La Marzocco's commitment to excellence is further underscored by a 12-MONTH WARRANTY PERIOD for its espresso machines, assuring customers of support and reliability from the moment of purchase. This warranty period reflects the brand's confidence in the durability and quality of their handmade machines, promising peace of mind and satisfaction for baristas and coffee shop owners alike.



La Marzocco, with its origins in Florence, Italy, stands as a testament to the art and tradition of espresso making, emerging during a time when wine was preferred over coffee. Its pivotal partnership with Starbucks in the mid-1990s marked La Marzocco's significant influence on the American coffee landscape, inspiring a wave of dedicated baristas and coffee shop owners to adopt its commercial espresso machines for their unmatched quality and performance. Known for their handmade precision, reliability, durability, and timeless aesthetics, La Marzocco's espresso machines embody the brand's commitment to excellence. This dedication has made La Marzocco a symbol of specialty in the coffee industry, offering an exceptional experience with every cup, and solidifying its role as a key player in shaping global coffee culture.


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