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Slayer Steam LPx 3 Group

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About the Product

Slayer Steam LPx Commercial Espresso Coffee Machine: Your Premier Choice

Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to introduce the Slayer Steam LPx, a commercial espresso coffee machine that redefines excellence. Dressed in an elegant white, the Steam LPx combines the cherished features of the LP model with refined aesthetics and functionality. It boasts super polished chrome wings complemented by brown Duratex™ actuators and handles that resemble wood, enhancing the machine's visual appeal and operational comfort.


Designed for dynamic interaction, the Steam LPx features a heads-up Barista Dashboard™ for each group, allowing baristas to maintain engagement with guests while fine-tuning extraction parameters. This intuitive design facilitates immediate adjustments, ensuring each beverage is crafted to perfection.


Key Features:

·         Precision Brewing: Weight-based volumetrics and low-pressure pre & post-infusion settings enable precise control over the brewing process.

·         Customizable Operations: Features adjustable height drain tray with four distinct positions, offering a spacious work area. Controllable independent pre-infusion is programmable from 0-10 seconds, with post-infusion programmable by weight, ensuring optimal flavor extraction.

·         Enhanced Functionality: Dual-volumetrics operation allows two programmable doses per group head. The machine includes a 1-5 second auto purge function, activated automatically or on demand, and a quick push button for toggling between full manual and volumetric modes.

·         Advanced Control: Incorporates PID-controlled independent brew tanks, electronic solenoid steam valves, and an algorithm for volumetric setting by weight, providing unparalleled brewing precision.

·         User-Friendly Design: The large work surface, hidden wire and hose wing channels, automatic shot lights, and adjustable drip tray enhance operational efficiency and aesthetic appeal.


Technical Specifications:

·         Dimensions: 16.75" (H) x 43.5" (W) x 27.75" (D)

·         Weight: 305 lbs

·         Power: 220-240 V | 50-60Hz, 6300 W

·         Brew Capacity: 1.7 L

·         Steam Capacity: 12 L

·         Certifications: NSF



Ideal For:

·         Cafes of all sizes

·         Restaurants

·         Espresso bars

·         Demanding professionals

·         Specialty coffee shop chains


Optimal Water Filtration:

To ensure the best quality beverage, the Slayer Steam LPx can be directly plumbed into a water line at a pressure of 2 BAR or 25 PSI. We recommend using Reverse Osmosis (RO) water with a high-quality needle valve for the perfect Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) balance. A water softener installation is mandatory for users not meeting water specifications to avoid warranty void. Adding a water filter to your order is advisable for those without one, with replacement times varying based on water quality and beverage volume.


Warranty and Support:

The Slayer Steam LPx comes with a manufacturer parts warranty, offering three months of warranty on refurbished items and twelve months on brand new units. For further details, please consult our terms of use and warranty page.

For inquiries regarding water quality or any other questions, please contact us directly. Choose the Slayer Steam LPx for an unmatched espresso experience.


Note for California Residents: This product includes a Proposition 65 warning. 

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