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Mr. Collins Vescovi Decaffeinated Espresso Coffee Beans (500 grams/1.1 lbs)

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About the Product

Vescovi Decaffeinated Espresso Coffee Beans: Delight in Decaf Perfection

Elevate your coffee collection with Vescovi Decaffeinated Espresso Whole Coffee Beans – the ultimate choice for those who crave rich, full-bodied flavor without caffeine. This expertly crafted blend offers the perfect balance of Arabica and Robusta beans, delivering delightful notes of milk chocolate, bread crust, and spices. Experience the rich aroma and intense taste of an espresso that you can enjoy any time of the day or night.

Unmatched Flavor and Aroma


  • Arabica: 35%
  • Robusta: 65%

Roast Levels:

  • Medium/Full City

Flavor Profile:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Bread Crust
  • Spices

Coffee Ratings:

  • Aroma: 7
  • Flavor: 7
  • Acidity: 6.5
  • Body: 7
  • Sweetness: 7
  • Bitterness: 1

Perfect Brewing, Every Time


  • Room Temperature
  • Dry and Cool Place

Suggested Extraction:

  • Espresso Brewing Temperature: 90 - 93°C
  • Minimum Dosage Per Double Shot: 15g
  • Extraction Time: 18-25 seconds
  • Liquid in Cups: 2x 16-20g / 2x 20-25 ml

Our Mission

To Delight Diverse Palates:

We aim to offer a spectrum of exceptional coffees, catering to the unique tastes of every coffee enthusiast.

To Elevate Coffee Profiles:

Collaborating closely with our roasters, we strive to present exceptional and varied flavor profiles.

To Equip with Excellence:

We provide access to the world's premier espresso equipment, enabling the creation of unparalleled quality coffee.

To Empower through Education:

Our partner cafes benefit from ongoing barista training, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

To Ensure Unwavering Support:

Our dedicated technicians are always on standby to offer technical assistance whenever it's most needed.

Indulge in the luxury of Vescovi Decaffeinated Espresso Coffee Beans – where full flavor meets decaf perfection.

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