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Brood DRNX DUO Nitro Cold Brew System

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About the Product

Introducing the Brood Nitro: Revolutionize Your Beverage Service with the DRNX DUO Tap Dispenser


Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking Brood Nitro DRNX DUO tap dispenser, a cutting-edge innovation in the beverage industry. This dual-function dispenser makes serving nitro and cold brew beverages simpler and more efficient than ever. Designed to draw from any type of container, including kegs and bags, the DRNX DUO by Brood chills beverages to an ideal 36°F and infuses them with nitrogen directly from the air, eliminating the need for a separate nitrogen tank.

Elevate Your Menu with Versatile Beverage Options

Dubbed the "Cocktail Machine," the DRNX DUO by Brood enhances your service capabilities, allowing you to offer a diverse menu from day to night. Capable of pouring up to 5 cocktails or mocktails per minute consistently, this dispenser is perfect for specialty coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, juice bars, and coffee carts looking to speed up their operation and diversify their offerings.


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Key Features that Set the DRNX DUO Apart:

  • Dual Dispense: Offers both nitro and still cold brew from a single tap.
  • Nitrogen Extraction: Utilizes air to extract nitrogen, negating the need for external tanks.
  • Versatile Source Compatibility: Works with beverages from any container, not just kegs.
  • Quick Setup: Achieve plug & play readiness in just 2 minutes.
  • Consistent Quality: Guarantees consistency with every pour and chills on demand.
  • Universal Application: Compatible with any drink, offering flexibility for your menu.
  • Compact and Customizable: Features a sleek design that fits anywhere, with customizable options for color, design, and tap handle.
  • Innovative Technology: Proudly patent pending.


Superior Benefits Over Traditional Kegerators:

Feature Brood DRNX DUO Traditional Kegerator
Nitrogen Tanks Required No Yes
Unlimited Nitro Yes No
Space Efficiency High Low
Portability Yes No
Weight 25 kg 60 kg
Easy Maintenance Yes More complex


Technical Specifications:

  • Functionality: Cold Nitro & Cold Still for each tap
  • Power Supply: 100-120v / 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 300/350/445 mm (W/H/L)
  • Weight: 26.0 kg
  • Dispensing Capacity: 62 L/Hour
  • Pressure at Tap: 34 Psi
  • Certifications: NSF 18, UL 399, CSA 120, and more


Unparalleled Warranty and Support

The Brood Nitro DRNX DUO comes with a 12-month warranty from the date of machine registration through our dedicated portal. Registration is easy and can be completed using the serial number found on the outer box or underneath the machine. For full warranty details and our terms of use, please visit our website Register Here >.


Transform your beverage service today with the Brood Nitro DRNX DUO tap dispenser – where efficiency meets innovation.


California Residents: Learn more about Proposition 65. 

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