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Izzo Alex PID Plus (Black Custom Edition)

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Color: White Edition with Wood Hardware

About the Product

Izzo Alex: Your Premier Choice - Official Distributor Highlight

Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to introduce the Izzo Alex PID Plus - a remarkable addition to any home or office. Engineered for perfection, this 1-group espresso machine embodies excellence with its advanced features and durable design, ensuring a seamless coffee experience day in and day out.

Designed to Impress: The Alex PID Plus stands out with its rotary pump and professional-grade motor, designed to meet daily demands effortlessly. Its robust 2.3-liter stainless steel boiler guarantees consistent coffee brewing without a drop in steam pressure, offering quicker recovery times compared to other 110volt espresso machines.

Innovative Brewing Technology: At the heart of this espresso marvel are the iconic Faema E61 group heads, equipped with automatic pre-infusion. This cutting-edge feature enhances extraction, promising a superior coffee experience. The Alex PID Plus is the epitome of consistency, paralleling commercial machines' performance at a more attractive price.

Key Features for Unmatched Performance:

  • Heat Exchange System: Ensures optimal brewing and steaming.
  • Faema E61 Group Heads: For unparalleled extraction with automatic pre-infusion.
  • Single Stainless Steel Boiler: Enhanced with thermal insulation for efficiency.
  • PID Temperature Control: Precision brewing at your fingertips.
  • Rotary Pump & Professional Motor: Reliable performance day after day.
  • Double Pressure Gauge & Automatic Water Level Regulator: For perfect results.
  • Innovative Safety Features: Including security valve and water tank alarm.
  • Ease of Use: Drip tray magnets and rotary steam wands with cold touch technology.

Sleek Design and Technical Excellence:

  • Dimensions: 14.33in (W) x 17.72in (D) x 16.38in (H)
  • Lightweight at 77.16 lbs
  • Boiler and Water Tank Capacity: 2.3 liters each
  • Power: 110 Volts, 1350 Watts, 15A

Ideal For:

  • Small-scale professional use
  • Home enthusiasts
  • Office settings

Package Includes:

  • Two 58mm portafilters for flexibility
  • A 12-month parts warranty for peace of mind
  • User manual for easy setup and use
  • Standard with a 110 Volt 15-amp plug, perfect for USA customers

Comprehensive Warranty: Enjoy a 12-month limited manufacturer parts-only warranty, underlining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Explore the exceptional Izzo Alex PID Plus and elevate your coffee experience. Tailored for those who appreciate the finer things in life, it promises not just a cup of coffee but a journey into the heart of espresso making.


Warning: Proposition 65 Warning — Applies to the State of California Only. LEARN MORE >

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