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Pentair CTO-20 Replacement Cartridge

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About the Product

Enhance Your Beverage Experience with the Pentair CTO-20 Cartridge from Coffee Machine Depot USA

As the authorized distributor of Pentair products, Coffee Machine Depot USA proudly presents the Pentair CTO-20, a revolutionary 20-inch drop-in cartridge designed to elevate your beverage quality by significantly reducing sediment to 0.5-microns and diminishing chlorine, taste, and odor. This high-capacity filter cartridge offers an impressive flow rate of 3.0 gallons per minute (gpm) and is capable of treating up to 30,000 gallons of water, ensuring your beverages are consistently pure and delicious.

System Advantages: Elevating Beverage Quality and Reducing Operational Costs

  • Enhanced Beverage Quality: The Pentair CTO-20 cartridge ensures that both cold and hot beverages taste better and are of consistent quality by improving water clarity and purity.
  • Reduced Maintenance: By decreasing the frequency of maintenance and extending the lifespan of equipment, this cartridge offers significant cost savings and operational efficiency.
  • Advanced Filtration Technology: Featuring gradient-density depth filtration, it effectively removes dirt, rust, and debris as small as 0.5-microns, while activated carbon filtration eliminates chlorine taste and odor, protecting equipment from corrosion and wear.
  • Cost-Effective: The high capacity of the Pentair CTO-20 cartridge reduces the need for frequent replacements, making it a more economical choice over proprietary quick-change filters. Additionally, it generates less waste, as only the cartridge needs replacing.

Certified by NSF under Standard 42 for use as a replacement cartridge in OptiPure FX Series Systems, the Pentair CTO-20 is ideal for applications in fountain beverages, coffee, tea, and water, and serves as a primary filtration solution for Combination Systems. It's compatible as a retrofit option for most standard 20” drop-in style housings.

Installation Guidelines: Simple and Efficient

Ensuring your system operates at peak performance is straightforward with the Pentair CTO-20:

  • Verify the cartridge is the correct replacement for your system.
  • Adhere to the specified temperature and pressure limits.
  • Allow sufficient space for easy cartridge replacement.
  • No special activation or flushing is required to begin using the cartridge.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Dimensions: 20” height x 2.8” width x 2.8” depth
  • Operating Pressure Range: 10 - 125 psi
  • Inlet Water Temperature Range: 35˚ - 100˚F

Performance Highlights

  • Capacity for Chlorine, Taste, and Odor Reduction: 30,000 gallons
  • Service Flow Rate: 3.0 gpm
  • Sediment Reduction Capability: 5 microns (nominal)

System Compatibility

The Pentair CTO-20 cartridge is designed for use with various water system models, ensuring broad compatibility and easy integration into your existing setup.

System(s) Cartridge Used in



SKU Number


·         FX-12

Water System


·         FX-22

Water System


·         FX-22P

Water System


·         FX-22P+

Water System


·         SX2-22

Water System



Maintenance and Replacement Recommendations

For optimal performance, it is advised to replace pre/post-filters and mineral addition cartridges every 6 months, or when capacity is reached. Membrane lifespan varies based on feedwater conditions, with an average of 12-18 months under typical circumstances.

Commercial Use and Safety

This product is intended for commercial use and should be installed and maintained following the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is not recommended for use with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection measures.

Choose the Pentair CTO-20 for superior beverage quality, operational efficiency, and cost savings. Coffee Machine Depot USA is committed to providing the best solutions for your business.


Warning: Proposition 65 Warning — Applies to the State of California Only. LEARN MORE >

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