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Pentair SCLX2-1 Replacement Cartridge

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About the Product

Scale Prevention Technology for Coffee Machines: A Comprehensive Guide

Coffee Machine Depot USA is proud to be the authorized distributor of the Pentair SCLX2-1, a 10” drop-in cartridge leveraging the revolutionary ScaleX2® technology. ScaleX2® is a cutting-edge, chemical-free scale inhibition solution that employs template-induced crystallization to prevent the formation of calcium-carbonate scale effectively. This innovative cartridge is perfect for applications requiring up to 1.5 gpm flow, making it a superior choice for various equipment.

System Benefits: Maximizing Efficiency and Longevity

  • High Effectiveness: ScaleX2® has been independently tested and achieved a 99.6% effectiveness rating for scale prevention, adhering to international protocols.
  • Cost and Maintenance Reduction: This technology significantly lowers maintenance frequency and costs while prolonging the life of equipment such as boilers, steam generators, and coffee machines.
  • Scale Prevention: It safeguards equipment against the formation and build-up of calcium-carbonate scale, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Eco-friendly Solution: The drop-in cartridge system reduces waste, eliminating the need for discarding metal or plastic quick-change filters. This approach not only benefits the environment but also offers a cost-effective solution compared to proprietary filters.
  • Certified Quality: The replacement cartridge is NSF Certified under Standard 42 for use in OptiPure SX2 Series Systems, guaranteeing safety and performance.

Ideal Applications: Ensuring Optimal Performance

The SCLX2-1 cartridge is specifically designed for boiler-based steam generators and is compatible with OptiPure SX2 Systems. It ensures that your equipment runs efficiently without the hindrance of scale buildup.

Installation Tips: Simple and Effective

  • Verify that the cartridge matches the existing system requirements.
  • Adhere to the specified temperature and pressure limits to ensure optimal performance.
  • Ensure a 3” clearance below the system for hassle-free cartridge replacement.
  • No activation or flushing is required, allowing for immediate use.
  • The system should be connected to a cold water feed only.

Specifications: Detailed Overview

  • Cartridge Dimensions: 9.8”h x 2.9”w x 2.9”d, suitable for compact spaces.
  • Operating Pressure Range: 10 - 125 psi, accommodating a wide range of water pressure conditions.
  • Inlet Water Temperature Range: 35˚ - 100˚F, ensuring versatility across different climates.
  • Service Flow Rate: 1.5 gpm, ideal for various applications.
  • Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor: Utilizes ScaleX2® for unmatched performance.

System Compatibility: Seamless Integration

The cartridge is designed for use with specific OptiPure SX2 Series Systems, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal functionality.


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Maintenance and Replacement Tips: Ensuring Continuous Performance

  • Routine changes of pre/post-filters and mineral addition cartridges are recommended every 6 months to maintain efficiency.
  • Membrane lifespan can vary, with a typical range of 12-18 months, extending up to 3-5 years under ideal conditions.
  • This commercial-grade product should be installed and maintained following the manufacturer’s guidelines for safety and effectiveness.
  • It is advised not to use the system with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without proper disinfection procedures.

Coffee Machine Depot USA, as the authorized distributor, is dedicated to offering solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of coffee-related equipment. The SCLX2-1 cartridge, with its innovative ScaleX2® technology, represents a significant advancement in scale prevention, providing a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient solution.


Warning: Proposition 65 Warning — Applies to the State of California Only. LEARN MORE >

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