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BWT bestmin PREMIUM M with besthead FLEX & Aquameter

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About the Product

Introducing the BWT Bestmin PREMIUM M with Besthead FLEX & Aquameter


Coffee Machine Depot USA is thrilled to showcase the BWT Bestmin PREMIUM M, featuring Besthead FLEX & Aquameter. The BWT Bestmin PREMIUM is an innovative filter system uniquely designed for mineralising water that is virtually free of salts. It forms a key part of the BWT Bestaqua MIN system's reverse osmosis unit, ingeniously integrating reverse osmosis with subsequent remineralisation. This system is ideal for treating raw water with high salt and chloride levels.


Features and Benefits

The BWT Bestmin PREMIUM filter not only removes undesirable elements such as particulates and odorous substances like chlorine but also incorporates a specialized mineralisation unit. This unit enhances low-mineral raw water, producing finely mineralised gourmet drinking water, perfect for enhancing the quality of hot beverages and coffee specialties. Additionally, in regions with predominantly soft water, the BWT Bestmin PREMIUM can be employed to remineralise raw water, catering to the broader needs of the restaurant and catering industry.

  • Specialized Filtration: Ideal for remineralising virtually salt-free water.
  • Optimized for High Salinity Water: Works best with the BWT Bestaqua MIN system.
  • Enhanced Mineral Content: Increases water's magnesium content, creating balanced mineral content.
  • Superior Water Quality for Beverages: Delivers optimal water for hot beverages with excellent sensory qualities.
  • Versatility: Suitable for areas with soft water and efficient for high water demand scenarios.
  • Easy Installation: Features universal BWT Besthead FLEX connection technology.


Technical Advantages

  • Multi-Stage Filtration: Ensures thorough purification.
  • Integrated Active Carbon Filtration: Filters all treated water.
  • Ease of Use: Simplified filter replacement process.
  • High Filter Capacity: Maintains effective performance over time.
  • BWT Remineralisation: Elevates magnesium content.
  • Simple Setup: Utilizes universal BWT Besthead FLEX connection technology.


Technical Specifications

  • Inlet Pressure: 2-8 bar
  • Water Temperature Range: 4-30°C
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 4-40°C
  • Dimensions: Total height (with/without bracket): 500/475 mm; Connection height: 425 mm; Distance to floor: 65 mm; Installation length: 125 mm; Ø Filter cartridge: 130 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 4.0/4.5 kg (dry/wet)
  • Filter Replacement: Recommended after 12 months


Besthead FLEX

With the BWT Besthead FLEX, featuring the world's most flexible connector technology, filter installation is straightforward, even in tight spaces. Its innovative FLEX technology allows for angle adjustments in 30° increments, optimizing the orientation of connector hoses. This space-saving design ensures maximum safety without the need for additional fittings. The Besthead FLEX is compatible with all drinking water systems globally and fits all BWT water+more filter cartridges.



The BWT Bestmax Water Meter - Aquameter, equipped with an LCD display, is designed to measure and monitor the residual capacity of water+more water filters. It ensures timely replacement of the water filter, providing continuous updates via the installed LCD indicator.


Included in the Package

  • BWT Bestmin PREMIUM M Water Filter
  • Besthead Flex
  • Aquameter


This detailed overview of the BWT Bestmin PREMIUM M underscores its effectiveness in providing superior, mineral-enriched water, designed specifically for enhancing the taste and quality of beverages in the food and beverage industry.


California Residents: Learn more about Proposition 65. 

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