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Mr. Collins Downtown Blend (5lb Bag)

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About the Product

The Downtown Blend: A Journey in Every Cup


  • Brazil: 50%
  • Honduras (Direct Trade): 30%
  • Ethiopian: 20%

Flavor Notes

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Stone Fruit

About Our Blend The Downtown Blend is more than just coffee; it's a harmonious journey. Sourcing 50% from Brazil, 30% from Honduras through Direct Trade, and 20% from Ethiopia, we've crafted a blend that captures the essence of each region. It merges the vibrant fruity notes of Ethiopian beans with the rich, full-bodied mouthfeel from Brazilian and Honduran coffees. The result? A smooth finish that's simply perfect for crafting luscious mochas and creamy lattes.

Our Story At the heart of our brand is a belief: every cup of coffee should transcend the ordinary, bringing joy and warmth with every sip. Imagine pausing life for a moment, closing your eyes, and letting the comforting embrace of a warm cup of coffee envelop you. This experience, this moment of bliss, is the fruit of years of dedication, a testament to the journey of countless miles, and the embodiment of our passion for coffee.

We channel our enthusiasm into sourcing the finest beans, ensuring that each cup of coffee we serve encapsulates quality, consistency, and sheer happiness. Our commitment extends into the forests, where our partners collaborate with esteemed farmers to harvest the best beans, crafting an unparalleled taste experience in our single origins and blends.

Our Mission Our ambition is to cater to the diverse palates of coffee enthusiasts everywhere, providing:

  • A selection of outstanding coffees, each with its unique profile.
  • Collaboration with roasters to introduce exceptional and varied coffee profiles.
  • Access to the finest espresso equipment, enabling the creation of superior quality coffee.
  • Educational opportunities for our partner cafes through ongoing barista training.
  • Reliable technical support from our dedicated technicians, ready to assist when needed.

Join us on this flavorful journey, and let every cup of our Downtown Blend remind you of the passion, journey, and hard work that goes into the perfect brew.


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