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Mr. Collins Malibu Single Origin Decaf (12oz bag)

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About the Product

The Malibu Single Origin Coffee: A Taste of Colombia

Origin: 100% Colombian

Flavor Notes: Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Raisin

Discover The Malibu Single Origin Experience

Crafted for coffee connoisseurs, the Malibu Single Origin is a testament to our relentless quest for the extraordinary. This exceptional coffee blend offers a smooth finish of caramel, milk chocolate, and raisin, delivering a unique taste profile that stands out from our other selections. Remarkably, it boasts a 99.5% caffeine-free composition, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the rich flavors of coffee with minimal caffeine.

Perfectly complementing any espresso-based beverage, the Malibu Single Origin enhances the coffee experience, adding depth and character to your favorite drinks.

Our Journey to Your Cup

At the heart of our brand is a belief that every coffee sip should evoke happiness and enjoyment. Imagine the serene moment of sipping a warm cup of coffee—this simple pleasure represents the culmination of years of dedication, a journey spanning thousands of miles, and an unwavering passion for coffee excellence.

Our commitment to quality begins with the meticulous selection of the finest beans. We partner with esteemed farmers to source the world's best coffee beans, venturing deep into the forests to discover those that offer the most vibrant flavors. This dedication ensures that every single-origin and blend we offer carries a signature taste profile, promising an unparalleled coffee experience.

Our Mission: Elevating Your Coffee Experience

Our mission encompasses several key objectives aimed at enhancing your enjoyment of coffee:

  • Offering a Variety: We strive to cater to every coffee lover's palate with an extensive range of exquisite coffees.
  • Collaborating with Roasters: By working closely with our roasters, we aim to provide diverse and exceptional taste profiles.
  • Supplying Superior Espresso Equipment: We ensure access to the world's finest espresso machines, capable of delivering outstanding quality coffee.
  • Educational Support: We offer ongoing barista training to our partner cafes, ensuring the art of coffee making is preserved and cherished.
  • Technical Assistance: Our dedicated technicians are ready to provide support, ensuring your coffee experience is uninterrupted.

Join us on this journey of discovery and delight in the unique pleasure that each cup of our Malibu Single Origin coffee brings.


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