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Mr. Collins Milano Blend (12oz bag)

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About the Product

The Milano Single Origin Coffee: A Journey of Flavor and Passion

Origin: A Blend of Worlds

  • Composition: 50% Brazilian, 50% Honduran "Roast Forward"

Flavor Profile: Rich and Complex

  • Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Almond

Introducing The Milano Blend

The Milano blend stands as a testament to dark Italian roasting traditions, offering a taste that's deeply rooted in the authentic Italian coffee experience. Our signature Laneway blend is enriched with the original flavors of Italian coffee, distinguished by its rich cocoa and nutty aftertaste. This meticulously crafted blend is ideal for those who cherish the classic taste of cappuccinos and traditional Italian espressos.

Our Philosophy: Happiness in Every Cup

At the heart of our journey is a simple yet profound belief: every cup of coffee should be a source of joy and satisfaction. We invite you to pause for a moment, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the blissful sensation of enjoying a warm cup of coffee. This experience represents more than just a drink; it symbolizes years of dedication, a journey spanning thousands of miles, and an unwavering passion for excellence.

We are driven by our love for coffee, constantly seeking out the finest beans to ensure every cup we serve is marked by quality, consistency, and happiness. Our commitment extends beyond just sourcing; we engage closely with esteemed farmers and delve into the depths of forests to secure the most flavorful beans. This meticulous process ensures that each of our single-origin coffees and blends delivers an unparalleled taste experience.

Our Mission: Excellence in Every Aspect

Our goal transcends the mere provision of coffee. We aim to offer an array of exceptional coffees that cater to the diverse preferences of our customers. This includes:

  • Offering a variety of coffees that appeal to every palate.
  • Collaborating with our roasters to present unique and diverse flavor profiles.
  • Providing the finest espresso equipment to ensure the superior quality of every coffee served.
  • Delivering comprehensive barista training to our partner cafes, ensuring excellence in every cup.
  • Ensuring reliable technical support through our dedicated technicians, ready to assist whenever you need.

Join us on this journey of flavor and passion, as we continue to explore, innovate, and celebrate the rich world of coffee.


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