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Victoria Arduino - White Eagle Digit - 3 Group

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About the Product

Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit 3 Group Espresso Machine


Coffee Machine Depot USA is delighted to introduce the fully refurbished Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit 3 group espresso machine. This masterpiece embodies the legacy of delivering espresso machines that stand out for their consistency, reliability, and efficiency, catering to the nuanced needs of specialty coffee shops. The White Eagle aims to elevate the customer-barista interaction by prioritizing quality above all. Offering two variations, it promises to meet the diverse requirements of coffee establishments.


Fully Refurbished for Excellence:

This espresso machine has undergone comprehensive refurbishment, ensuring it meets the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics. The process included a thorough cleaning, boiler descaling, and a 12-month preventative maintenance schedule, focusing on the group head and steam wand. It is now fully operational and includes factory portafilters, waste and drain line, and a 3-month manufacturer's parts warranty, signifying our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Key Features

·         Volumetric Dosing & Manual Dosing: Tailor your coffee strength with precision.

·         LCD Display: Easy monitoring and operation control.

·         Raised Group Heads: Accommodates larger cups for versatile beverage creation.

·         Push-Pull Steam: Effortless steaming for perfect milk texture.

·         Soft Infusion System: Ensures smooth coffee extraction.

·         Automated Cleanings: Keeps the machine in pristine condition.

·         Power Saving Options: Eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

·         Reverse Mirror: Allows baristas to perfect their craft.

·         Bar Pump Gauge: For real-time pressure monitoring.

·         Custom Matte Black Body: A sleek design that enhances any setting.


Technical Specifications

·         Dimensions: Length: 42 inches, Height: 20 inches, Width: 26 inches

·         Boiler Size: 17.3 liters

·         Electrical Requirements: 220 volts, 5200 watts, 24-amp draw, Nema L6-30 power input

·         Certifications: CE


Included with your Purchase.

·         3 - 58mm portafilters

·         Electronic copy of instructions manual

·         Water and waste hose

·         USA – 30 Amp, 230 Volt Plug


Perfect for: Various Establishments, Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Restaurants, Bars


Water Filtration: Mandatory for Warranty

To protect your investment, installing a water softener is essential unless your water meets the required specifications. Additionally, incorporating a water filter is recommended to prolong the lifespan of your machine. The BWT water system is our suggested choice for optimal protection.


Warranty and Support:

This espresso machine comes with a 3-month limited parts-only warranty, underlining our promise of quality and reliability. For further information, please refer to our terms of use.


Note for California Residents: This product includes a Proposition 65 warning.


Discover how the Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit 3 group espresso machine can transform your coffee offerings and elevate the coffee experience in your establishment.

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