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Fiorenzato F4 Nano E Coffee Grinder

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About the Product

Fiorenzato Coffee Grinders: Exclusive Distribution by Coffee Machine Depot USA

Coffee Machine Depot USA proudly holds the status of the Authorized Distributor for Fiorenzato, an esteemed name in the coffee industry. Fiorenzato stands out for its innovative approach to coffee grinding technology, providing equipment that meets the modern demands of both cafés and restaurants alike.

Why Fiorenzato Stands Out in the Industry

Fiorenzato has revolutionized the coffee grinding sector with its patented inverter system. This cutting-edge technology not only ensures unparalleled precision and consistency in coffee grinding but also significantly reduces both the energy consumption and noise levels of the motor. These grinders are engineered for the most demanding environments, emphasizing both quiet operation and reliability.

The F4 Nano E model embodies Fiorenzato's commitment to quality and performance. It's tailored to meet the high expectations of prosumers, offering features comparable to other top-rated grinders in the market.

Key Features of the F4 Nano E Grinder

  • Precision Grinding: Flat 58 mm grinding burrs for consistent coffee grounds.
  • Generous Capacity: Accommodates up to 600 grams of coffee beans in its hopper.
  • Customizable Grinding: Continuous stepless micrometrical grind adjustment allows for precise control.
  • Innovative Display: Full-color TOUCHSCREEN display enhanced with CapSense technology for an intuitive user experience.
  • Versatile Dosing: Offers programmable single, double, and manual dosing options.
  • Efficient Motor: Boasts a 250-watt motor output, operating on 110 volts.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates at a low blade speed of 1400 RPM to minimize noise.
  • Compact and Durable: Weighs 10 kg with dimensions that ensure it fits comfortably in both home and office settings.

Technical Specifications

  • Support: Comes with an adjustable fork with support.
  • Adjustability: Doses can be adjusted in seconds for optimal precision.
  • Blade Details: Features a flat blade type with a diameter of 58 mm, running at 1400/min (50 Hz) – 1600/min (60Hz).
  • Capacity: The coffee bean hopper can hold up to 500 g.
  • Weight and Dimensions: The net weight is 9 kg, with dimensions of 169 x 473 x 240 mm.

Ideal Environments

  • Home Use: Enhances the quality of your home-brewed coffee.
  • Office Settings: Perfect for providing premium coffee in the workplace.
  • Low Volume Applications: Suitable for environments with lower coffee consumption needs.

Warranty and Support

Included with this grinder is a 12-month limited manufacturer parts-only warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your investment. For more detailed information, please reference our terms of use.

Coffee Machine Depot USA is committed to offering only the best in coffee grinding technology, with Fiorenzato leading the way in innovation and quality. Explore how Fiorenzato can elevate your coffee experience today.


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