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Kees Van Der Westen Spirit Triplette Espresso Machine

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About the Product

Elevate Your Café with the 2022 Kees Van Der Westen Spirit Triplette Espresso Machine

We are thrilled to offer a standout addition to your café's arsenal: the used 2022 Kees Van Der Westen Spirit Triplette. This commercial espresso machine, sporting a raw back panel and cup tray, is more than just a tool—it's a piece of art designed for the high demands of bustling espresso bars.


The Spirit Triplette, with its multiple espresso boilers, ensures each cup of coffee is crafted with precision. Developed to handle the rigors of high-output environments, this machine combines the precision of the Speedster with unmatched power. Whether it's the rush hour crush or a steady stream of coffee aficionados, the Spirit Triplette performs flawlessly under any condition.

Proven performance previously - a star performer for 18-months at a high-volume café in Los Angeles, this machine is conditioned to excel. It's ready to bring it's rockstar qualities to your venue, helping you serve perfect espressos, one after the other, without missing a beat.


Customization Available  

We understand the importance of brand image, which is why we offer customization options for the Spirit Triplette. Contact us to explore how we can tailor this espresso machine to reflect your café's unique style and ethos.


Our Meticulous Refurbishment Process: We begin with a deep descaling of the boiler to clear away any mineral build-up, crucial for peak performance and longevity. Our skilled technicians then equip the machine with a 12-month preventative maintenance kit, replacing essentials like gaskets, screens, and valves. After a rigorous five-point inspection and several brew cycles, this beauty is guaranteed to meet the original manufacturer's standards for quality and performance, backed by a 3-month manufacturer parts warranty.


Key Features

·         Custom "bastones" lever for two programmable volumetric settings or continuous flow.

·         Two external pumps ensure uninterrupted operation and consistent water temperature, even during peak hours.

·         Full visibility shot timers and an illuminated rear panel that can feature your custom logo.

·         Intuitive lever operation, programmable for volume or continuous flow.

·         Energy-efficient features, including Eco mode and an innovative hot water system, designed to save on utility costs while providing consistent service.


Technical Specifications

·         Dimensions: 145 cm length (barista view), 126 cm length (back), 71 cm depth, 45 cm height.

·         Boilers: 19.5-liter steam capacity and 2.1 liters per group head for coffee.

·         Power: 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz frequency, with a peak power of 9400W.

·         Perfect For High Volume Applications: Ideal for coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, take-out shops, and bars looking to serve large volumes of coffee without compromising on quality.


Included with Your Purchase

·         Three Double Portafilters, a Blind Basket for backflushing.

·         Water and Drain Hose.

·         Digital manual and service guidelines.

·         Ideal for: Specialty Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Restaurants and Bars.


Water Filter Requirements and Guidelines: To ensure the longevity and performance of this espresso machine, the installation of a water softener is mandatory for users not meeting the required water specifications, as failure to comply will void the warranty. It is advised to add a water filter to your purchase. Protect your investment and guarantee the best taste with our recommended water filtration systems. Optipure Reverse Osmosis Water System which offers maximum purity and protective benefits, perfect for any high demand setting.


Warranty and Support: Benefit from a 3-month limited manufacturer parts warranty and comprehensive over-the-phone support based in Los Angeles, CA, ensuring you receive assistance whenever needed.


Note for California Residents: This product includes a Proposition 65 warning.


Ready to take your coffee service to the next level? Contact Coffee Machine Depot USA today and make the 2022 Kees Van Der Westen Spirit Triplette part of your coffee crafting journey.

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