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Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine

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About the Product

Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine: Your Ultimate Guide

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Discover the Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine, a superior selection for both beginners and enthusiasts. This machine shines within its price bracket, featuring advanced capabilities not commonly found in comparable models. Whether you're starting your espresso journey or looking to enhance your coffee experience, the Victoria promises consistency, quality, and ease of use.

Advanced Features for Premium Coffee

  • PID Temperature Control: Achieve precise temperature settings for optimal espresso extraction.
  • 3-Way Solenoid Valve: Enjoy dry pucks for simpler maintenance and an effortless cleaning process.
  • Professional 58mm Portafilter and Group Head: Experience quality and performance akin to higher-end espresso machines.
  • Programmable Pre-infusion & Automated Backflushing: Customize your coffee brewing for a personal touch and convenience.

Key Highlights

  • Lelit Electronic Control System (LCC): Tailor your coffee experience with pre-infusion settings, auto-washing cycles, and more.
  • Manometer with Ideal Range Indicator: Monitor coffee delivery pressure and ensure perfect pre-brewing phases with the back-lit manometer.
  • Multidirectional Wand with Anti-Burn Handle: Craft barista-quality foam with ease, thanks to the adjustable steam and water output.
  • Comprehensive Features: Includes a wide cup warmer, adjustable temperatures, pre-infusion settings, Celsius/Fahrenheit options, and more for a fully customized coffee experience.

Designed for Durability and Ease

  • Stainless Steel Casing: The brushed stainless steel body not only looks sleek but ensures longevity.
  • User-Friendly Maintenance: Features like the automatic cleaning cycle and stand-by mode promote machine longevity and energy efficiency.
  • Versatility and Convenience: Whether it's a mug or a cup, the machine accommodates all sizes. Plus, the clear double manometer allows for easy monitoring of pump and steam pressure.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15 inches (Height) x 9 inches (Width) x 10.75 inches (Depth)
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Power: 110V, 50/60 Hz
  • Water Tank Capacity: 2.5 L

Water Filtration: A Must for Optimal Performance

Installing a water softener is crucial for users not meeting the required water specifications to avoid warranty voidance. Adding a water filter is highly recommended for all, with replacement times varying based on usage and water quality.

Ideal for Various Settings

Perfect for home, office, or low-volume commercial applications, the Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine adapts to your needs, ensuring the best coffee experience wherever you are.

Warranty and Support

Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-month limited parts-only warranty. Refer to our terms of use for comprehensive support and warranty information.

Elevate your coffee brewing experience with the Lelit Victoria Espresso Machine – where innovation meets tradition for the ultimate espresso.


Warning: Proposition 65 Warning — Applies to the State of California Only. LEARN MORE >

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